Quartzo is the solution for keeping track of your daily expenses. With Quartzo, you can easily manage your finances and save money.
Quartzo is perfect for anyone looking to keep track of their money and stay within their budget.

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Sync iCloud

The Sync iCloud feature allows you to synchronize your expense data across multiple iOS devices using Apple's iCloud service. This means that any expenses you log, changes you make to categories or wallets, and other relevant data will be updated and accessible on all your devices linked to the same iCloud account. It ensures that your expense information is always up-to-date and consistent, regardless of which device you use.


In the context of your expense tracking app, "Wallets" likely refer to separate accounts areas within the app. For example, you might have different wallets for your personal expenses, business expenses, or savings goals. Each wallet could have its own set of categories, allowing you to keep track of your finances more effectively.


Categories refer to the different types of expenses or incomes you can log in the app. When you make a purchase or incur an expense, you can assign it to a specific category to organize your spending. Common expense categories might include groceries, transportation, entertainment, utilities, and more. By categorizing your expenses, you can get a clear overview of where your money is going and identify areas where you might need to adjust.

Home Insights

"Home Insights" likely refers to a dashboard or analytics section within the app that provides you with summarized insights into your financial habits and patterns. This feature might include visual graphs, charts, and statistics to give you a quick overview of your expenses, income progress. It could also offer personalized suggestions or tips to help you improve your financial management.

Many Currencies

The "Many Currencies" feature suggests that your expense tracking app supports multiple currencies.

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